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Drive more sales by helping your customers choose the right product with the AI-driven

Product Recommendations Widget

It's free, it works with every e-commerce platform, and it allows you to personalize the shopping experience.

Meet our AI-driven Product Recommendations Widget!

Enhance your customers' online experience and drive revenue growth with our revolutionary Product Recommendations Widget. Tailored to meet the unique needs of your e-commerce store, this free customer service tool empowers your customers to discover products that perfectly suit their current desires. Experience the future of personalized shopping with OpenWidget.

Immerse Your Customers in Seamless Shopping Experience

At OpenWidget, we understand the importance of providing a clear and intuitive user experience. That's why when designing our Product Recommendations Widget, we decided to go with a shape and size recognized and loved by millions across the web – a chat bubble. Seamlessly integrated into the bottom right corner of your store, it effortlessly blends with your website's aesthetics. By eliminating the need for customers to adapt to unfamiliar patterns or software, we ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping journey.

Discover Recommendations Driven by AI and Tailored To Your Store

Our Product Recommendations Widget operates on a simple yet powerful principle. As customers browse through your website, our advanced algorithm, combined with a model powered by OpenAI, analyzes their browsing patterns and cross-references them with your online goods. This process enables us to identify products that align perfectly with your customers' interests and needs. And once they are ready, recommendations are presented to your customers in a captivating form of a card, displaying the products they desire right at their fingertips.

Our innovative AI-driven Product Recommendations Widget addresses the limitations of existing solutions by eliminating the need for deep integration with specific platforms like WordPress, Shopify or WooCommerce. It also simplifies the implementation process and automates the configuration, making it accessible for all e-commerce websites. With our Product Recommendations Widget, we eliminate the need to maintain your own AI model or host anything at your end.

Click here to learn more about how the Product Recommendations Widget works.

Streamlined Integration, Effortless Results

Adding the Product Recommendations Widget to your website is effortless, thanks to our simplified integration and configuration process. With universal compatibility across all e-commerce platforms, you can swiftly implement the widget and start reaping its benefits. There's no need for technical skills or knowledge – OpenWidget takes care of everything for you.

Unlock the Key Benefits

Enhance your online store with our Product Recommendations Widget! Use it to help your customers make more informative purchases and save their time by showing them the exact products that they are currently interested in with a no-code solution. Increase your sales and improve your customers' overall shopping experience – and all of that for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Recommendations by OpenWidget work with any modern platform that supports custom HTML/JavaScript snippets. To help you out with the installation process, we published dedicated tutorials for platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and more – you can find them by clicking here. We also have a dedicated plugin for WordPress.

Adding Product Recommendations to your website is easy! First, sign up for a free OpenWidget account and go to the Add to website section of your OpenWidget app. While there, copy the snippet code generated for your account and paste it right before the closing body tag of your website's HTML code. Once OpenWidget is added, we will need a moment to detect the installation. Please wait a few minutes and then go to the Product recommendations section of the app. Now that you're there choose the store you'd like to enable recommendations and click Set up. And that's it! The process may take a while, but once we are ready to recommend products, we will send you an email with a confirmation.

As a WordPress user, you can easily add Product Recommendations to your website with our dedicated plugin. Simply configure Product Recommendations as described above, and install OpenWidget for WordPress with a few simple steps! You can find our WordPress plugin here: OpenWidget for WordPress, and like all of our features, it is completely free!

Our Product Recommendations Widget appears once per browsing session. Once displayed, it will follow your customers when they navigate from one page to another unless they choose one of the displayed products or dismiss the card with recommended products manually. When that happens, we will not display the Product Recommendations card until the next browsing session.

It is! Like with all of our features, we want to make sure that Product Recommendations will work flawlessly, no matter the device. With native support for both desktop and mobile devices, we will make sure that your products look awesome or any platform.

Currently, the widget will recommend up to three products to your customers. We believe that this is an optimal number that will not overwhelm your customers with too many choices while simultaneously providing them with precisely what they need.

It is! Like all of our features, the Product Recommendations Widget is available for you to use completely free of charge. That's right: there are no additional costs, and you don't need to provide your Credit Card details.

We understand that machine learning technology in e-commerce has revolutionized how businesses interact with customers. That's why when developing our Product Recommendations Widget, we used OpenAI to create advanced algorithms and embeddings able to analyze your online store and recommend products to your customers seamlessly.

Popular platform ready

Unlock the full potential of popular platforms with OpenWidget. With a hassle-free installation, you'll be up and running in moments, ready to seize the benefits.

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