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Help your customers choose the right product with the powerful and AI-driven

Product Recommendations Widget

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Personalize the shopping experience for your customers and help them choose the product that will fit their needs perfectly!

There are a lot of market mechanisms that will allow you to increase customer engagement and boost your revenue – one of them being the product recommendation engine. At its core, it should analyze your website content and your customers' movement to provide them with the best product to suit their needs. However, many competitive solutions are platform-specific and involve complex configurations.

At OpenWidget, we aim to change that. Thanks to the advancements in AI technology and our own research, we came up with a solution that is easy to integrate and does not require any configuration. Say hello to the Product Recommendations Widget.

Introducing the AI-driven Product Recommendations Widget

Product recommendations are essential for maximizing customer engagement and increasing the revenue of online stores. By analyzing customer behavior and preferences, our engine can suggest relevant products which ultimately enhance the shopping experience and help your customers make the right choice.

Our innovative AI-driven product recommendations widget addresses the limitations of existing solutions by eliminating the need for deep integration with specific platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. Additionally, it simplifies the implementation and configuration process, making it accessible for all e-commerce websites.

Key Features

Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your online store's performance with our AI-driven Product Recommendations Widget. By offering a universal solution that's easy to implement and compatible with any e-commerce platform, we empower website owners to drive customer engagement and increase their revenue. Experience the future of e-commerce personalization with our cutting-edge Product Recommendation engine today.

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We're working on additional ways to help you build credibility and convert more website visitors into customers.

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