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Let your customers reach out to you via WhatsApp with the help of our free and easy-to-use

WhatsApp Chat Widget for Your Website

WhatsApp widget

Give your customers the option to reach out to you anytime. Answer their questions on the go and increase your business conversion.

Why do you need a free WhatsApp Chat Widget for your website?

Show your customers that they can contact you anytime

With a sleek WhatsApp card available at the corner of your website, your customers will never again get lost when trying to find a way to contact you. And with WhatsApp being one of the most popular communication platforms out there, you can be sure that you'll reach out to a much wider audience.

Speed up your Customer Service

With WhatsApp being widely popular and available for both mobile and desktop devices, you can respond to your customers whenever and wherever you are – on the go, or when sitting in front of your desk. The same goes for your customers as well! Add our free WhatsApp Widget to your website and help your customers resolve their problems faster.

Save time and increase your overall sales

Embed a free WhatsApp Widget on your website, use it as a main communication channel with your customers, and start saving time. No more looking through your inbox, just to make sure that you have not missed any emails from your customers – emails that might have led to a purchase. With WhatsApp, you can keep all of your conversations with customers in one place, solve their problems on the spot, and start closing more sales.

How does it work?

Once on your website, the WhatsApp Chat Widget will take the form of a greeting card, inviting your customers to start a chat with you on WhatsApp. Situated at the bottom right corner by default, it will seamlessly blend with your website's aesthetics. You can change its position in the OpenWidget Management App so that it sits right where you want it.

Whenever a customer clicks on the Contact Us on WhatsApp button available on a WhatsApp Widget, we will automatically trigger the WhatsApp application installed on a customer's device, starting a chat with the phone number that you provided during the widget's configuration. We also made sure that the WhatsApp Chat Widget is responsive, and that it works great for both desktop and mobile devices!

People browsing through your website can also trigger a full-screen view, where they can not only start a chat on WhatsApp but also use other features that you can configure in OpenWidget's Management App. Features like our Google Reviews Widget or ChatGPT for your website.

Let's learn how to add a WhatsApp Chat Widget to your website so that you can use its benefits. And all of that for free!

Add a free WhatsApp Widget to your website in three easy steps

1. Sign up for a free OpenWidget account

Adding a free WhatsApp Widget by OpenWidget to your website is simple! First, sign up for a free OpenWidget account and go through the onboarding process during which you will configure your OpenWidget.

2. Configure your free WhatsApp Widget

3. Add a free WhatsApp Widget to your website

Bonus: Learn how to leverage WhatsApp Business Platform to your advantage

1. Sign up for a free OpenWidget account

Not only WhatsApp:
OpenWidget offers a set of free customer service tools for your ecommerce

Screenshots of widgets for website: Contact form, faq, instagram, visitor counter

What is OpenWidget?

Building relationships with your customers is tough, so we decided to ease up some of those pains by offering a product that will keep you from getting lost in overcomplicated solutions and will combine all of the ecommerce tools into a single package.

That's why we created OpenWidget.

A product that offers the most essential features to increase customers' satisfaction and build consistent customer journeys. Features like our Google Reviews Widget, ChatGPT for your website, Contact Form, and Feedback Form widgets. Features that are free and can be expanded even by creating your own widget. And now, you can use it as a free WhatsApp Chat Widget for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of the OpenWidget features are free. This includes widgets like Google Reviews, ChatGTP for your website, Contact Form, FAQ Module, and AI-powered Product Recommendations Widget. We also don't charge for available integrations. However, please be aware that third-party software like OpenAI, HelpDesk and LiveChat will have additional charges associated with its use.

Adding OpenWidget to your site is simple! First, sign up for a free OpenWidget account and go to the Add to website section of OpenWidget app. From there you can copy the snippet code generated for your account and paste it right before the closing body tag of your website's source code. Once added, all you need to do is to enable all the necessary features, like Chat Interface for your OpenAI, and you are good to go!

Yes! If you use WordPress, you can easily add WhatsApp Widget to your website with our dedicated plugin. First, sign up for OpenWidget, go through OpenWidget's onboarding and configure your free WhatsApp Widget. Once configured, install OpenWidget for WordPress with a few simple steps – you can get our official plugin on WordPress Marketplace here: OpenWidget for WordPress. And like the WhatsApp Widget itself, our WordPress plugin is completely free!

WhatsApp Widget by OpenWidget is compatible with various Content Management Systems and ecommerce platforms, like: BigCommerce, Google Tag Manager, OpenCart, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Woocommerce.

OpenWidget can serve many different industries. Whether it's Customer Service, Ecommerce or Software and Cloud, we have the tools to improve your customers' experience.

We do! Our official Help Center will give step-by-step instructions on adding OpenWidget to your website and configure your OpenWidget account. You can also visit our Help Center for our latest updates. Additionally, we have a dedicated article that provides more information about how to configure WhatsApp Widget, how to add it to your website and how to leverage WhatsApp Business in Customer Service to your advantage.

Sure! We have a dedicated documentation for developers describing our OpenWidget Apps, JavaScript API and more.

Yes! If you want to solve a specific problem for your website visitors or create a particular app, like order status tracking, OpenWidget Apps is a place for you. With Apps, you can use OpenWidget to showcase your custom solution. Click here to learn how.

We do! We have an Incubator to support product creators in the business communication industry who are working to remove communication barriers that stand in the way of online customer-business interactions. We offer mentoring, new distribution channels (access to our customers, marketplace, and the partner's network), and logistic and organizational support. Check out more on our Incubator website.

Popular platform ready

Unlock the full potential of popular platforms with OpenWidget. With a hassle-free installation, you'll be up and running in moments, ready to seize the benefits.

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You’re only 5 minutes away from supporting your store visitors with OpenWidget.